Acid & Base Neutralizers


Brady has expanded its SPC absorbent product line to include new Neutralizers and Neutralizer Kits. Brady’s new Neutralizer product offering is designed to counteract a wide range of acid and base spills and provide quick spill response solutions.   Brady’s SPC Acid and Base Neutralizers are used to solidify a wide range of spills. This product includes polymers which will neutralize and change the color to inform the user that neutralization has taken place.   Available in a 6.5 gallon bucket, Brady’s SPC Base and Acid Neutralizer Kits come with a variety of gear to properly respond and neutralize acid and base spills. 

The Neutralizer Kits include: one-two pound shaker neutralizer, 10 universal pads, two socs, two bags, goggles, gloves, Tyvek suit and a small scoop.   “The addition of Brady’s SPC neutralizers provides a solution for a spill application that is becoming much more common,” says Carlo Emanuele, product manager for the SPC product line. “In order to meet the spill response needs of our customers, we need to provide a product and kit that could round out our SPC product offering.”   The product line is available with multiple configurations allowing users to purchase either just the neutralizers in two pound shakers and/or the entire Neutralizer Kit. 


  • provide quick spill response
  • solidify a wide range of spills
  • 6.5 gallon bucket

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