Custom fabricated acoustical foams and barrier materials for integration into various types of medical devices to reduce unwanted noise are being introduced by Interstate Specialty Products, Inc. of Sutton, Massachusetts. Interstate Acoustical Foams for medical devices are available in several thicknesses and densities, with facings to tune the absorption spectrum and compensate for environmental conditions such as temperature and moisture. Die-cut and sized to fit specific equipment housing requirements, finished foams can be supplied with or without pressure sensitive adhesive backings. Suitable for quieting the hissing from oxygen concentrators and nebulizers, or the clicking from dispensing equipment and similar devices, Interstate Acoustical Foams can be custom matched to medical OEM requirements. Line enclosures with sound absorbers typically reduce reverberant noise while barrier materials and composites can be used to block other unwanted noise. Interstate Acoustical Foams are priced according to material construction and quantity. Price quotations and representative samples are available upon request.
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