Adhesives Bond Without Primers to Thermoplastics


Akron Coating and Adhesives recently added three new water-based, heat-activated adhesives designed to bond metal to thermoplastic elastomers of almost any hardness. Thermoplastics have become increasingly common, and are used in everything from weather stripping, gaskets, and seals in cars to hand grips for tools and appliances. ACA 8120B creates high-strength bonds (peel values of up to 30 lb./linear inch) to softer thermoplastics, such as Santoprene™ 101, Vyram™, and EDPM. ACA 12114G is designed to provide bonds (peel values of up to 28 lb./linear inch) to medium-hard plastics such as Santoprene™ 8201. ACA 153K bonds hard plastics such as the harder grades of Santoprene™, Geolast™, ABS, LDPE, nylon, polyproplene, polyurethane and PVC (peel values of up to 37 lb./linear inch). They are one-step coatings that may be applied directly to the substrate without primers, thus cutting costs and reducing scrap. All three formulae are water-based rather than solvent based, allowing easier clean up and better compliance to environmental regulations. Complete information about ACA’s products can be found at “Up to now these thermoplastics have been notoriously hard to glue. They almost always have required a primer to insure a good bond,” says John Questel, president of Akron Coating and Adhesives. “But with these new formulae, our tests show that in many cases the plastic tears before our bond fails.” From medicated patches to adhesives used in high-end electronic components, Akron Coating and Adhesives has helped its customers develop and produce some of the most sophisticated formulae on the market today. ACA’s custom formulae can be found in a wide spectrum of products where reliability and dependability are essential. Some common applications include automobile parts, consumer electronics, and medical devices.

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