Adhesives for the Filter Industry


Adhesives for the Filter Industry, a new brochure from Henkel Corporation, reviews the company's comprehensive line of products for filter assembly. The 26-page brochure provides technical information on more than 100 products for use on liquid, industrial, high- efficiency, HVAC and water filters. Manufacturers face many decisions when selecting the most appropriate adhesive for a particular filter bonding application and must analyze variables like substrate suitability, bond strength, viscosity, open time, flexibility and temperature resistance. 

The new filter brochure discusses the five main categories of filters and presents selector charts for each type. Each chart groups adhesive products by application (for example: frame assembly, membrane bonding, pleating, end-cap molding, wire mesh/scrim attachment, gasketing and more), and provides a range of critical performance data on the appropriate adhesive technologies for that application.