Adjustable Length Liquid Level Gages


Oil-Rite Corporation has designed nylon liquid level gages with adjustable centerlines to accommodate centerline distances up to 1/4” longer or shorter than the specified measurement, for total adjustability of 1/2”.  This range of adjustability compensates for variances that can occur during the production of plastic tanks.  It is also suited to field installations where the distance between mounting holes may be less precise than in a controlled setting.  The adjustment can be made by hand, facilitating simple installation. Liquid level gages are used to view liquid levels in hydraulic reservoirs, tanks, large steel mill pumps, gearboxes, bearing housings, hydraulic equipment, crankcases, transformers and machinery oil reservoirs.  Their use can be extended to many industrial liquid level viewing applications.   

Nylon liquid level gages with adjustable centerlines feature a round Trogamid nylon sight that is clear and durable.  Liquid level and clarity can be viewed from all angles.  A red line on the back of the sight enhances liquid level visibility.  The length between the center of the two mounting bolts is referred to as the centerline. Gages are available with centerline measurements ranging from 6” to 36”.  

Typical liquid level gages require that mounting holes be within 1/32” of the centerline measurement of the gage.  This adjustable design is patented-pending and offers a total adjustable range of 1/2”.  For example, a gage with a 6” centerline can accommodate mounting holes from 5 3/4” to 6 1/4” apart.   The adjustment is made by hand without the use of tools. No disassembly is required.  


  • adjustable centerlines
  • total adjustability of 1/2”
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