Adjustable M12 Receptacles


Binder-USA is pleased to announce new receptacles with adjustable angular positions as part of the Series 713, 763, 715 and 766 automation product ranges. The panel-mounted receptacles can be rotated during installation to allow a right-angle cordset to connect in a desired angular position. These M12 A- and B-coded connectors are commonly used for industrial networks and automation applications in harsh environments.

The new receptacles are available in both male and female versions and prewired with 200mm wires. The A-coded connectors are available with 4, 5, 8 and 12 gold-plated contacts. The B-coded connectors are available with 4 and 5 gold-plated contacts. When fully connected to their mating parts the connectors are IP67/IP68 rated ensuring connections are protected from liquids and debris.

Additionally, the housing of the A-coded receptacles has been converted from nickel-plated brass to nickel-plated die-cast zinc. In result terminations are no longer potted since the contact insert is now keyed and locked in the housing.


  • can be rotated during installation
  • available in both male and female versions
  • prewired with 200mm wires
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