Adjustable Speed Drives With New Micro Dial™ Feature


Zero-Max Adjustable Speed Drives with the new Micro Dial™ feature provide accurate and repeatable speed settings. This allows users to more accurately set and re-set various speeds to meet performance levels for different applications.

When the Adjustable Speed Drive with the Micro Dial is used in a seeder cart application, for example, different settings can be made more accurately for dispensing corn, wheat, oats, etc. Similarly, in textile applications, the Adjustable Speed Drive can be set with the Micro Dial for precise speed control in textile winding machines.

 “Zero-Max Adjustable Speed Drives are a time-proven device for changing operating speeds in a system,” reports Bob Mainz, Zero-Max sales manager. “They’re great for varying speed and flow rates in Peristaltic pumps. There are dozens of proven applications in many industries. They are extremely versatile and eliminate the need for expensive AC/DC drives or variable pitch belt drives. The new Micro Dial feature gives the system designer another great option for using these drives.”           

Accepting input speeds from 0 to 2000 rpm, output speed changes using these Adjustable Speed Drives can be made quickly and easily, whether the machine is running or not. For example, output speed is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 400 rpm with an 1800 rpm input speed. The drives provide speed control for inputs from ¼ to 1-1/2 HP applications with output torque ratings from 12 through 200 in-lbs.

Zero-Max Adjustable Speed Drives can be used as a prime mover connected to a motor, or as a secondary drive connected to a shaft in the machine’s drive line. When used as a prime mover, the drive acts as a variable speed device. When used as a secondary drive, it becomes a variable ratio device. The drive permits slow or fast, small or large speed changes.

 Output speed for the drive is set quickly with the hand wheel adjustment. The Micro Dial provides a clean and accurate reference for applications that require repeatability.

Additional design features include:
•  easily mounted in most positions

•  handles any input such as chain, belt and couplings

•   easy to install – no wiring needed, factory lubricated,

•  compact and economical.

A full range of sizes and models are available including custom designs for special applications.   
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