Adjustable Stands


This module stand is designed so that equipment can be easily mounted on to it and is ideal for many applications.  A totally enclosed telescoping stand is rigidly constructed so there are no exposed mechanisms. Our stands have a load capacity of up to 1000 pounds.  The stand column is made from clear anodized aluminum with a steel weldment base.  

The base has leveling screws and castors for easy setup.  There is an adjusting screw with a hand crank for height adjustments from 800mm/31.5” to 1200mm/47.2”.  Optional cantilever design is available. The column comes with holes so you can mount your equipment on to it.  An optional motorized version is available, along with an encoder hand wheel for setting heights to repeated distances.  Optional mounting plates along with XY axes can be added on to fit your configuration.  


  • no exposed mechanisms
  • load capacity of up to 1000 pounds
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