Advanced Modular Calibration (AMC) System


The new Advanced Modular Calibration (AMC) System is a hand-held test and calibration system that combines an advanced, multi-function calibrator with world-class pressure measurement and generation capability. Its modular concept allows its discrete components to be used as stand-alone instruments, allowing significant flexibility both in cost of ownership and in functionality.

The AMC uses three basic components to perform duties formerly requiring a wide range of different instruments. At its core is its advanced, electrical, frequency and temperature calibrator. This compact and robust multi-function unit can measure and source mA, mV, V, Ohms, frequency and a variety of RTDs and thermocouples. Pressure measurement is provided by interchangeable pressure modules that attach to the calibrator via a carrier. The calibrator and the pressure modules can also attach to a pressure generation station to form a fully integrated, high performance pressure calibrator. Three pressure stations are available, enabling the generation of pneumatic pressure from 95% vacuum to 20 bar or up to 100 bar while hydraulic pressure capability is 0 to 1000 bar.

The system’s rugged and weatherproof multi-function DPI 620 calibrator is two to three times smaller, weighs less than a third of its nearest competitor and yet has one of the largest and brightest displays. Its video quality color touch screen shows only those buttons necessary for the immediate, selected task. The calibrator can be simply expanded by the addition of further hardware and software modules and it is fitted with a HART configurator as standard to provide digital communication with HART devices for interrogation, configuration and calibration. The DPI 620 is also available in a Windows CE-driven version, providing all the computing power of a conventional hand-held PC or PDA.

The pressure modules incorporate a number of key innovations to allow pressure re-ranging of compatible equipment. Digital characterization and a simple screw fit allow interchangeability in a matter of seconds with no need for tools, set-up or calibration. The modules can be located in the module carrier that can then be connected to the multi-function calibrator. Alternatively, the pressure modules can be located in the relevant pressure generation station to which the DPI 620 also locks in place to create a self-contained pressure calibrator. Each of the pressure generation stations can also act in a stand-alone capacity to replace hand pumps and comparators.


• Operating temperature - -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F) • Storage temperature - 20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
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