Advanced Timing Belt Technologies


BRECOflex Co., L.L.C. offers a whole product range of steel, stainless steel or kevlar reinforced polyurethane timing belts in open ended, welded or truly endless, used but not limited to conveying applications, power transmissions or linear drives. Over 3000 different profile designs (existing molds) are available for profiled belts utilized in material handling and automation applications (profiles are heat-welded to the belt back).

Convertible profile technology “ATN” makes it easy to attach or change profiles at the customer’s site with simple hand tools (most precise profile pitch).

ARC-Power timing belts out perform conventional timing belts in drive performance due to reduced tooth friction between the engaged belt and pulley teeth (reduced noise, increased tooth sheer strength).

All respective pulleys (with flanges or with tracking groove) are offered made to order and standard pulleys are on stock for next day delivery.

Nylon Facing PAZ / PAR and multiple backing materials as well as Customized belt back machining is offered to be applied to the timing belts.

Accessories like clamps, tensioning clamps and tensioners as well as mechanical connecting kits and field welder devices are available with short lead times.


  • over 3000 different profile designs
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