Aggressive Removable Laminate


MACtac® Specialty Products  introduces MACbond® IB1271, a new double-coated aggressive removable laminate. MACbond IB1271 offers a secure bond with clean removability for a variety of applications, including lightweight materials to walls, doors and frames as well as plate mounting (printing), temporary bonding of sanding and polishing pads, and more, where high shear and moderate heat resistance are also features. 

“MACbond IB1271 is unique in that it offers a great value for specific niche applications,” said Kurt Schramer, strategic business development director, MACtac. “It’s the perfect solution for converters and end users in need of applications where an aggressive bond is required initially but has to be removed later.”

MACbond IB1271 is a 1-mil double-coated polyester (PET) film with rubber-based, pressure-sensitive adhesives. It is self-wound on a 60# semi-bleached, densified kraft release liner. The unique rubber-based adhesives allow for adhesion to a variety of substrates while the high shear properties and specially engineered 1-mil PET carrier aid in clean removability.  The adhesives exhibit good adhesion/removability to a variety of low surface energy substrates but is not recommended (as a removable) for high surface energy substrates such as glass. 

Offering a higher bond strength than traditional removables, MACbond IB1271 was developed in response to customer-driven needs for applications where the adhesive must aggressively adhere to a variety of substrates but cleanly remove after a few months.


  • secure bond with clean removability
  • double-coated polyester (PET) film
  • rubber-based, pressure-sensitive adhesives
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