AGV Gets Smart


Built for deployment across a wide range of manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments, Agile1500 autonomous mobile platform provides a modular and flexible solution to optimize smart factory logistics.


Modular, scalable and completely re-configurable, Agile1500 can carry up to 1,500 kg with a maximum speed of 1.7 m/s. With these characteristics, the system can facilitate key manufacturing operations including just-in-time and just-in-sequence production, as well as optimized logistic flows inside the factory, improved warehouse management, and better overall production efficiency.


Agile1500 has key role in the development of a new operating platform imposed by Industry 4.0. It can increase the overall plant safety thanks to advanced security features and an integrated laser scanner that stops the AGV upon detection of an obstacle along its route.


Agile1500 is a standard product that is also highly configurable. In addition, it can be fitted with different accessories that enhance its performance, as required by each specific application. For this reason, the versatility of Agile1500 can easily accommodate diverse manufacturing needs and factory layouts. Furthermore, Agile1500 works with multiple navigation systems that use both natural landmarks (walls, objects, etc.) as well as predefined points (magnetic spot and magnetic tape).



Key Benefits:

  • Best in-class payload in terms of size/speed ratio
  • Complete reconfigurability protects ROI
  • Compact design with on-the-spot rotation capabilities
  • Powerful system management software handles transport orders, allocates vehicles and monitors the entire AGV fleet
  • AGV can easily interface with other automation systems present in the factory
  • Agile1500 is Comau's response to evolving market needs and is an important enabler of within the Industry 4.0 paradigm. This fully automated logistics technology enables Comau to better support highly individualized, highly efficient production while safeguarding productivity and profitability of the customer's entire manufacturing line. 
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