Air Conditioners for Electronic Enclosures


Rittal Corporation is announcing its newly enhanced TopTherm Plus Air Conditioners. Ideal for electronic enclosures in tough industrial conditions exist, these air conditioning units are now manufactured with a protective nano-coating for condenser coils and an integrated condensate evaporator as standard components. These new features ensure reliable operation, long-term cooling performance and savings in service and maintenance time and costs. The condenser coils for the TopTherm Plus air conditioners now feature Rittal’s RiNano, a protective coating which offers water, dirt and oil-repellent properties. Formed through innovative nanotechnology, RiNano offers unique qualities such as: transparency, self-cleaning properties and resistance against filiform corrosion and commonly used organic solvents. Chromate and lead-free, this coating material offers excellent adhesion, especially on metals and glass. When applied to air conditioners, RiNano ensures long-term constant cooling performance, as well as savings in service and maintenance time and costs. RiNano reduces contamination to the condenser coils and is significantly easier to clean than standard surfaces. The new integrated condensate evaporator which has been added to TopTherm Plus air conditioners eliminates the risk of overflowing external condensate collectors. This new evaporator adjusts its thermal output automatically through Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology. PTC is based on the premise that materials experience an increase in electrical resistance when their temperatures are raised. The condensate evaporator utilizes the increasing thermal output of its heating element to evaporate the condensate that is collected in the condensate tray. This eliminates any water dripping onto electronics and process control systems or onto floors, creating potentially unsafe work environments. An additional feature of the TopTherm Plus air conditioners is carefully separated and well-insulated internal and external cooling chambers that keep the inside enclosure temperature at a constant, desired level, independent of ambient conditions. This eliminates the number one cause of costly production downtime, excessive component temperature, while also protecting electronic components from harmful dust penetration (NEMA 12 protection). Other features include remote diagnostics and optimized air routing for superior cooling efficiency. With cooling capacities from 1,000 to 13,600 BTUs, TopTherm Plus air conditioners are offered in two controller versions – Basic and Comfort – for maximum security in control and monitoring. TopTherm Plus air conditioners are available in roofmount and wallmount models for design flexibility. Roofmount air conditioning units optimize cold air circulation within the enclosure by centrally removing the warm air from the center of the cabinet while the cold air is distributed from the four corners of the cabinet. This revolutionary design provides targeted climate control that can be optimized for individual enclosure installations. Rittal’s wallmount air conditioners offer three versatile mounting options – integrated, partially integrated or external mounting.


• Useful cooling capacity Q(|K|)to DIN 3168 in W (BTU) - L 35 L 35 - 4000/4400 (13,661/15,027) • Useful cooling capacity Q(|K|)to DIN 3168 in W (BTU) - L 35 L 50 - 3070/3570 (10,485/12,192) • Maximum rated current - 3.8 A/3.9 A • Starting current - 9.2 A/11.0 A • Pre-fuse T - Motor circuit breaker 10.0 A/10.0 A • Power consumption P(|el|) to DIN 3168 - L 35 L 35 - 1710 W/2110 W • Power consumption P(|el|) to DIN 3168 - L 35 L 50 - 1980 W/2450 W Refrigeration coefficient e = Q(|k|)/P(|el|) - L 35 L 35 - 2.3 • Refrigerant - R134a, 3000 g (105.8 oz) • Maximum allowable operating pressure - 28 bar (406 psi) • Temperature and setting range - +20°C to +55°C (68°F to 131°F) • Ratings to EN 60 529/10.91 - External circuit - IP 34 (NEMA 2) • Ratings to EN 60 529/10.91 - Internal circuit - IP 54 (NEMA 12) • Duty cycle - 100 % Type of connection - Plug-in terminal strip • Air displacement of fans - Internal circuit - 1500 m(||3||)/h (883 cfm) • Temperature control - Comfort controller (factory setting +35°C (95°F))
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