Air Curtain


Powered Aire’s new model LIM is designed to save energy and improve the performance of 12-14 ft. high ground level doors when they are in the open position. An OPEN door is ZERO % effective in stopping air infiltration!
Powered Aire’s LIM will:
  • Reduce winter’s cold air from entering the building and help to maintain inside temperature when the door is open
  •  Reduce summer’s hot humid air from entering the building when the door is open by up to 10 degrees in the surrounding area
  • Circulate the inside air around the door opening to improve employee comfort both winter and summer
  •  Provide insect control
  •  Reduce dirt and dust year round from entering the building when the door is open
  • According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), an air curtain can reduce air infiltration at an open doorway by up to 80%, while the operating cost for a non-heated air curtain is minimal. A typical 10 x 14 ground level door in Chicago IL typically costs .45 cent per hour to operate (based on 10 cents per KW). With heating season energy savings of $2,600 based on the door being open one hour per day, Powered Aire’s LIM is the GREEN solution for ground level doors. The typical ROI is less than 2 years.


  • save energy
  • provides  insect control
  • reduces dirt and dus
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