Air-Driven Hydraulic Foot Pump


Enerpac introduces the XA-Series Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps. These 10,000 psi foot pumps deliver higher oil flow to increase productivity, as well as variable oil flow and fine metering capabilities for precise control. These features, combined with an ergonomic design, provide high-quality performance with reduced operator fatigue for a broad range of MRO applications.

Enerpac’s innovative XVARI® Technology for hydraulic pumps is designed to increase process efficiency and worker productivity by providing higher oil delivery. The XA-Series features a new-to-world design providing the operator with unparalleled control of the hydraulic oil flow with two separate foot pedals for advance and retract. This allows users to continuously control the amount of oil flow and speed of the cylinder, making the XA-Series pump an ideal solution for applications requiring accurate load positioning, aligning and controlled descent.

The advanced two-pedal design also offers the user a significant improvement on ergonomics and ease-of-use compared to conventional foot pumps. Conventional foot pumps require the operator to balance their weight on one leg while operating the pump with the other, causing operator fatigue. By contrast, the pedals on the XA-Series are depressed using the balls of the feet, allowing the heels to remain in contact with the ground. Bodyweight is balanced evenly, improving operator stability, resulting in reduced fatigue and increased productivity.

“The revolutionary XA-Series pumps have redefined air driven hydraulic pump technology,” Alexander said. “By combining high oil delivery and precise control with an ergonomic design, we have set a new industrial standard to replace outdated air-over-hydraulic foot pumps.”

Constructed for safety and durability, these hydraulic foot pumps are equipped with a pedal lock function for the retract position and an optional pedal safety guard, which protects against the occurrence of accidental activation. The unique profile provides superior stability. Plus, the completely sealed housing is manufactured from durable glass-filled nylon, and the closed oil reservoir prevents leakage and eliminates internal contamination from airborne particles.


  • deliver higher oil flow
  • reduced operator fatigue
  • two-pedal design
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