Air Gun Provides The Force Of 30 Ordinary Air Guns


EXAIR's new single air nozzle Super Blast Safety Air Gun delivers 23 pounds of blowing force, equivalent to the force of 30 ordinary air guns. It is ideally suited for long distance, wide area blowoff, drying and cooling applications. The Super Blast Safety Air Gun incorporates a large Super Air Nozzle that has been engineered to maximize entrained airflow and force while reducing compressed air use and noise. At full pressure of 80 PSIG, it has an air consumption of 460 SCFM. Seven other sizes with single or multiple Super Air Nozzle configurations are available that provide force of 3.2 to 15 pounds and air consumption ranging from 56 to 300 SCFM. The large Super Air Nozzle of the Super Blast Safety Air Gun has a zinc-aluminum alloy construction suited to rugged industrial applications. The air gun incorporates a comfortable soft grip handle and spring-loaded manual valve that automatically shuts off if it is dropped. The airflow that exits the gun can not be blocked and meets OSHA standards 29 CFR 1910.95(a) and 1910.242(b). Applications include floor and machinery cleaning, chip removal, liquid blowoff, parts cleaning, and cooling hot parts. Prices range from $189 to $484.


• 23 lbs of force • 460 SCFM (13026 SLPM) • Zinc/Aluminium • 1120 Large Air Nozzle
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