Air Loaded Thermoplastic Pressure Regulator


Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. has introduced a new air-controlled pressure regulator, Series PRA, for highly corrosive and ultra-pure chemicals. The new design uses compressed air and two rolling diaphragms to control liquid pressure with greater accuracy than spring loaded regulators. Pressure regulators provide protection for valuable downstream instruments and filtration systems by converting fluctuating or excessive inlet pressure to a preset maximum downstream pressure. The PRA will routinely handle inlet pressure up to 150 psi and accurately maintain a downstream pressure from 5 to 125 psi. The design of the PRA features two opposing large area frictionless rolling diaphragms. Process pressure is applied to one of the diaphragms; air pressure is applied to the other. Because the air pressure can be maintained with more accuracy than the force provided by a spring, the PRA offers greater sensitivity and less variance from set pressure than any thermoplastic pressure regulator previously available. Series PRA is available in a number of rugged thermoplastics, including Grade 1 Type 1 PVC, Natural Polypropylene, and Kynar® PVDF.
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