Air Pilot and Manual Control Valves


The NITRA® line of pneumatic products has been extended to include air pilot valves, foot pedal valves, and manual control valves. The AVS-5 series now includes single and double-pilot directional control air pilot valves, offering spring return or center closed operation. All are body ported five-port (four-way) spool valves and are available in 1/8” to ½” NPT port sizes with flow coefficients from 0.67 to 2.79. AVS-5 series air pilot valves start at $14. NITRA CVS series directional control foot pedal valves are five-port (four-way) spool valves designed for non-electrical operator control applications. 

Available in momentary or latching operation models, foot pedal valves feature a ¼” NPT port with a flow coefficient of 0.80. CVS foot pedal valves start at $25.50.  Manual valves in toggle-style hand lever, push-pull, and rotary-style hand lever models have also been added. Constructed with aluminum alloy bodies, available port sizes are 1/8” to ½” NPT with flow coefficients from 0.78 to 5.29. Starting at $14, models are available in two or three-position detented styles.


  • spring return or center closed operation
  • 1/8” to ½” NPT port sizes
  • flow coefficients from 0.67 to 2.79

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