Air pollution control systems - Tri-Mer Corp


Tri-Mer product catalog describes updated technology for air pollution control systems that comply with the newest MACT standards and EPA regulations for TAPs (toxic air pollutants.)  The brochure discusses the Cloud Chamber Scrubber (CCS) which treats PM2.5, fine, submicron, ultrafine, condensable particulate and PM10 while simultaneously removing soluble acid gases.

Also covered is the Multi-Phase BioSystem for VOC control an effective, and less costly alternative to thermal oxidizers. It incorporates air and liquid phase approaches using proprietary synthetic media, and enhanced bioremediation techniques to treat high inlet concentrations of VOCs. Other systems that remove particulate and pollutant gases are the Tri-NOx Scrubber, Whirl/Wet Dust Collector and Packed Bed Fume Scrubbers. 

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