Air Powered Dock Leveler


Poweramp®, a division of Systems, Incorporated introduced the CentraAir™ Series air powered dock leveler (patent pending), the first leveler to be offered as an alternative to hydraulic, mechanical, low pressure/high volume air bag levelers and even power assisted levelers. The result is a dock leveler with proven durability, dependability and safety. 

At the heart of all CentraAir™ dock levelers is an automotive grade bellows system, which has the same technology that has proven reliability found with air-ride suspension systems throughout the trucking industry. Unlike other air powered dock levelers, this system utilizes existing shop air or a dedicated compressor. The CentraAir leveler has the capability to be run manually via a lanyard control located at the back of the leveler or can be push button operated. The extremely low amp draw at each dock (zero - .07amp) will produce huge “first cost” savings over conventional push button leveler systems.

By running off of existing shop air or a dedicated compressor the CentraAir™ is:

  • ideally suited for power starved applications 
  • ideally suited for conveyer loading applications where air is readily available 
  • unique in that multiple units can run off a single air supply 
  • usable during power outages off reserve air (with lanyard control)
  • very low maintenance (no electrical in pit, no blower motor or large removable air bag)
  • an environmentally friendly addition at your loading dock area


  • automotive grade bellows system
  •  low amp draw
  •  low maintenance

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