Air Roll Lock Differential Shaft


WHARTON, New Jersey - Undoubtedly the most efficient and advanced converting solution available today, Convertech's Air Roll Lock Differential Shaft dramatically surpasses its predecessors with innovative and effective tension control and easy roll loading. By eliminating many common issues associated with differential winding, Convertech's shaft will reshape the way many converters do business in today's competitive marketplace.

With a growing number of converters seeking to retrofit their machinery with newer, more efficient shafts, Convertech's Air Roll Lock Differential Shaft engenders a multitude of innovative solutions in one, advanced shaft. Designed to replace the need for multiple shafts, Convertech's shaft can effectively keep precise tension control on multiple width cores on the same shaft.

Because many materials require sensitive tension control to ensure even rolls, efficiency and precision in differential shaft design plays a significant role in its success as an effective retrofit choice. Using the patented GlideLock™ Clutched Rollers Convertech's Differential Shaft can efficiently control multiple tensions on multiple width cores without operator intervention. The winning combination of the GlideLock™ internally clutched rollers and a simple, effective design gives the Convertech Air Roll Lock Differential Shaft the ability to replace multiple shafts without the issues associated with traditional differential shafts.

GlideLock™ Clutched Rollers allow operators to easily load and unload the shaft with minimal effort. Unlike other differential shaft designs, which require substantial effort and time-consuming special procedures to load and unload, Convertech's Air Roll Lock Differential Shaft is exceptionally easy and safe to use. By simply sliding cores on to the shaft, connecting the material, and engaging the shaft the operator can step out of the way and let the shaft do the work. Unloading is just as easy; disengage the shaft, cut the material, and the rolls easily slide off the shaft. No hammers, no cones, no tools, no spacers, and no headaches.

For over a quarter century Convertech has been the leader in exceptionally fast lead time with superior engineering and quality built into every expanding shaft and chuck. With its competitors extended delivery time of as much as sixteen weeks Convertech, Inc.'s faster delivery time will always keep you up and running.


Specifications: • Now available in 70MM, • Differential shaft in 3", 6, and 10" diameters • Face lengths to 150" • Slits from 1/2" wide and up • Tensions from under .15 PLI • Slip is internal which means: No core dust, No side to side movement, No core wobble • GlideLock™ Clutched Rollers feature an internal slip mechanism • CoreLock™ Pads grip cores firmly on loading, ensuring only the correct rollers lock on actuation. • Patented design
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