Air Service (AS) system


With the AS5 series, Rexroth expands the AS family to the high flow range. The AS5 regulator offers a flow of up to 265 CFM (7500 l/min) with a width of only 3.3”. The AS5 is available with 3/4” and 1” thread connections in BSPP and NPTF forms. Series AS3 carries up to 159 CFM (4500 l/min) with a module width of 2.5” and 3/8” or 1/2” thread connections. The most compact series, AS2, with a width of 2” and 1/4” or 3/8” thread connections, is suited for flows of up to 92 CFM (2600 l/min). The family is generally characterized by ease of maintenance. Large maintenance windows enable clear viewing of the filter condensate levels and lubricator fill levels. The filters can be optionally fitted with a contamination display. Thanks to the easily accessible bayonet catch, the reservoirs can be easily removed and refastened as necessary. The lubricators are available with an oil-level indicator and Rexroth ST6 sensor for remote monitoring. The patented oil filling system permits push-button filling of the lubricators. The Rexroth Air Service system impresses with its modern, prizewinning industrial design. The AS2 series has already received the if-Product design award 2006, and has now also been nominated for the German Design Award 2007. The components’ smooth surface is easy to clean, and the compact layout combined with new materials makes the AS family particularly lightweight – even the larger units of the AS5 series. Each series is fully modular, designed for functional flexibility, and customizable to the user’s requirements. In addition, single components can be removed from an assembled manifold even after installation. Modifications and extensions are possible at any time. The Series AS family is suitable for use in all industries. During engineering, special attention was paid to meeting industry-specific requirements such as locking capability, an automotive industry requirement. For this reason, the AS family can be used in almost every application where compressed air quality must be closely controlled.
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