Air Velocity Transducers Heated for sfpm Measurements


Stamford, CT: Type FMA-900 transducers use a velocity and a temperature sensor to measure air velocity in standard feet per minute. Both sensors are rugged, glass-coated platinum resistance detectors. The circuit heats the velocity sensor to a constant temperature differential above ambient temperature and measures the cooling effect of the air flow, providing high accuracy and excellent low-velocity sensitivity. Linear analog 0-5 v dc or 4-20 ma outputs are provided for flows to 10,000 sfpm. Omega Engineering, Inc., (203) 359-1660


• NEW Remote Electronics Opiton (-R) • 1.5" Pipes and Larger • 1.5% Accuracy • Each Unit Individually Calibrated - 4 Point Certificate of Compliance • Durable Fast-Response Platinum Sensors • Compact Solid-State Electronics • Directly Monitors True Air Mass Velocity • Linear 0-5 Vdc or 4-20 mA Output • 400 msec Response Time • Economical Insertion Design
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