air2guide Product Family of Low Pressure, Differential Pressure Gauges


Metro Atlanta-based WIKA
Instrument Corporation (WIKA) recently continued to
advance the world of pressure measurement with the
introduction of the air2guide family of differential pressure
(DP) gauges.
Designed to measure very low pressure ranges from 1 to
25 InWC, the air2guide has been value-engineered and
optimized to provide significant installation time savings—
over 50 percent, compared to competitive systems. It has
also been retrofitted to existing hole-patterns, eliminating
the need for tools.
The air2guide features a two-part measuring system that
separates the media from case components. Standardized
case designs allow mechanical and electronic output
configurations to utilize identical components and permit the
replacement of only the measuring system. Another WIKA
innovation is the ability to easily align the dial from the front of
the gauge after the gauge has been installed. A complete line
of accessories, mounting options, custom dials and
configurations are also available.
The air2guide features an excellent price-performance ratio, numerous standard features, and
a three-year extended warranty, all backed by WIKA’s worldwide service and technical knowhow.
To learn more, please contact a WIKA Customer Care Representative at 1-888-WIKAUSA
or visit
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