Airplus® Tube Air Pillows Provide Superior Cushioning for Small Items


Storopack, Inc. introduces the Airplus® Tube, a moldable and foldable tubular air pillow which easily conforms to products to protect them during shipment.  Available in 1 ½-inch and 2 ½-inch sizes, this unique cushioning product provides better yield than traditional tubular pillows.  A roll of 13” film produces 2000 feet of tubes which are is perforated every 6 inches (for small tubes) or every 5 inches (for large tubes).  Airplus® Tube can be used for cushioning and void fill, making it ideal for cylindrical products such as glass bottles and jars, fragile glass containers, porcelain figurines, hard-to-pack industrial products, and more.  
Both Airplus® Tube sizes as well as Airplus® Wave on-demand cushioning wrap can be manufactured with existing Airplus® machines.  This provides the versatility to easily change amongst Airplus® products during production to suit particular packing needs.   These proven machines are compact and require minimal floor space, yet provide superior wrapping characteristics for cushioning and protection.  


• Pillow Widths: 8", 10" and 12" • Pillow Lengths: From 4" to 12"
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