AK-150 Modular Flex (AK-150MF) Kit


—Weldcraft designed its AK-150 Modular Flex (AK-150MF) Kit to provide maximum flexibility on a wide range of TIG welding applications. The AK-150MF is an “all-in-one” kit that allows operators to convert their standard 17F or 17FV TIG torch into 20 different torch styles using an existing cable. By delivering multiple configurations in a single package, the AK-150MF eliminates the need to purchase and carry extra torches and reduces downtime associated with torch changeovers. “The AK-150 Modular Flex Kit provides the ultimate all-around versatility,” says Mike Sammons, sales and marketing manager, Weldcraft. “It allows TIG welders to customize multiple torches according to their specific needs—all without adding cost.” The AK-150MF kit includes: — 1726: 200 amp, 70-degree head — 1726P: 200 amp, 180-degree head — 9-90: 125 amp, 90-degree head — 9P: 125 amp, 180-degree head — 24-90: 80 amp, 90-degree head — 150CE molded coil element — 150SE solid element — 150TB torch body (without valve) — 150VTB torch body (with valve) — 105Z55R ribbed handle The rotatable heads, which improves flexibility by allowing the built-in gas valve on a 17FV torch to be positioned at any point on the handle and allows for multiple torch configurations on the non-valved 17F. The easily removable head and coil combination unit, surrounded by silicon rubber insulation, eliminates multiple connection points to prevent overheating and high frequency leaks that can lead to unnecessary downtime or rework.
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