All-In-One LevelCaster


Sunnex, a leading manufacturer ofleveling feet and casters, offers its all-in-one leveler and caster solution, the LevelCaster™, for use with machinery and equipment in industrial, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and semiconductor applications. Sunnex’s innovative all-in-one level caster offers the flexibility of a caster while providing the full capability of leveling feet. Comprised of precision components and ball bearings, the LevelCaster allows for equipment to be adjusted and repositioned while in place. Its large, nylon wheels measure 2.83” diameter and are well suited for equipment that is moved often and requires precision leveling. The LevelCaster is constructed of durable formed steel, making it lightweight and extremely strong, with the ability to handle load capacities from 25 lbs. to 800 lbs. A hand-leveling adjustment option provides the ability to rotate 360o, offering unparalleled freedom of motion. The LevelCaster is available in dual mounting designs.
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