All-New OFI Generators


Honda EB2800i industrial OFI generator, the newest addition to the Honda Industrial Series lineup, serves the contractor market, providing high-quality power for multiple tool use on the jobsite.At an industry-leading dry weight of less than 67 lb, the EB2000i portable was designed with the single worker in mind. It is light enough for one person to load and unload from a truck, operate, and carry around the jobsite, all while providing ample power for a variety of tools including small compressors, air circulation fans, large concrete drills, multiple hand tools, electric concrete vibrators, circular saws, and battery chargers up to 2,800 w. Unit complies with current OSHA and LA-ETL regulations while ensuring safe operation with GFCI protected receptacles.


Honda EB2800i features rugged, full-frame protection plus the following features and benefits:

  • Inverter technology is designed to power computers and sensitive electronic equipment that demand consistent electrical current with a stable sine wave or signal.  A computer or newer sensitive appliance operating on fluctuating power could possibly freeze, shut down, or be damaged. To overcome this problem, Honda engineers developed inverter technology, which allows Honda generators with this technology to provide cleaner current to power electronic equipment.  Further, inverter technology substantially reduces weight and sound levels of these units
  • Eco Throttle® allows the generators to conserve fuel by varying engine speed to the optimum level (given usage load), improving fuel efficiency and maximizing run time
  • Large, new 2.1-gal gas tank provides 5.1 hr of operation per tankful of gas at rated load or 12.1 hr at ¼ load
  • Automatic Overload helps if the demand on the generator is greater than the possible output power; the generator protects itself by shutting down. Running a generator in excess of its maximum output power shortens its life. This Honda safety feature helps extend the life of the generator
  • A large muffler design contributes to quiet operation; both models have industry-best sound levels of 61 – 69 dBA measured at 7 meters
  • The Honda EB2800i generators incorporate individual outlet circuit protection; neutral bonded GFCI 20-amp, 120-vreceptacles and meet LA-ETL and OSHA requirements
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