Eaton's all plastic POLYLINE(TM) Bag Filters can economically filter a wide range of extremely corrosive fluids. In many applications these filters can provide a cost effective alternative to filters fabricated from expensive metal alloys. Because they are manufactured from plastic they can also be used in ultrapure filtration applications where metallic and other types of contamination are a concern. POLYLINE Bag Filters are manufactured using a unique process that produces an exceptionally rugged, one piece, seamless body with no welded or glued seams or connections to fail and leak. The seamless body also makes the filter easy to clean, an important consideration in some batch filtration applications. This all plastic bag filter from Eaton has been designed so that the two bottom pipe connections are interchangeable as an outlet or drain, allowing easy installation into either a loop or in-line piping system without having to modify the filter. Filter bag change out is quick and easy, as no tools are needed to remove the filter cover. POLYLINE Bag Filters from Eaton are available in all plastic PVC, CPVC, PPL or PVDF construction with threaded or flanged piping connections. They are rated at up to 150 psi at 70º F and come in two sizes, one for standard single length number 1 filter bags and one for standard double length number 2 filter bags.


• Material of Construction - Glass reinforced polypropylene, single and double length; PVDF, double length • Piping Connections - 2" NPT threaded, PPL, 150# ANSI flange optional; 2”, PVDF, 150# ANSI flange • Drain Connections - 2" NPT threaded, PPL, 150# ANSI flange optional; 2”, PVDF, 150# ANSI flange Bag Size - #01 and #02 • Pressure Rating - PPL, 150 psi; PVDF, 100 psi • Seals - Viton™, EPDM optional • Flow Rate* - Single length, 50 gpm with clean bag; double length, 100 gpm with clean bag
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