All-Welded Process Seal Gauge


NEW Process Seal Gauge™ combines a high accuracy diaphragm seal with a process gauge, creating one all-welded unit. The integrated design makes the Process Seal Gauge™ more economical than comparable seal assemblies, while maintaining high accuracy. This design also eliminates most potential leak points and decreases the installation/removal time. Building a seal assembly from scratch can be an intimidating task, choosing the REOTEMP Process Seal Gauge™ makes selection fast and easy.  REOTEMP offers the All-Welded Process Seal Gauge ™ with a standard 3-5 day delivery and no order minimum.

The Process Seal Gauge™ is well-suited to a variety of markets, including: oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, water, wastewater, power generation, and more.


• Case: 4.5" Phenolic Case with Solid Front, Safety- • Blowout Back (MS8PT) • 4" 304 SS Case with Bayonet Ring and Safety- • Blowout Plug (MS8PR) • Lens: Tempered Safety Glass • Dial: Aluminum, Black Figures on White Background • Pointer: Micro Adjustable, Black Aluminum • Wetted Parts: 316 Stainless Steel • Temperature: Ambient: 0 to 150F • Process: -30 to 450F • (consult factory for high temp service) • Max Pressure: 5,000psi
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