Allen-Bradley PanelView Component Operator Interface


Rockwell Automation today announced the worldwide launch of its newest family of human-machine interface (HMI) solutions, which offers users a quality interface with the right amount of control at an affordable price. The new Allen-Bradley PanelView Component operator interface, created for preferred integration with the Allen Bradley MicroLogix controller, provides on-terminal software, built-in mounting clamps, and simplified file-transferring capabilities.  
The unique design of the PanelView Component operator interface makes installing, learning, operating and maintaining processes quicker and easier. The simplified screen interface displays the operating status clearly, making it easier to design applications. Users get direct access through any Web browser, online or offline, and can program or transfer files through USB cable or over Ethernet, eliminating the need to install additional software.
“This new line of PanelView Component HMIs is ideal for OEMs and end users with simple machine designs that still value clear information about the status of the  
machine,” said Chee Wah Lee, product manager, Rockwell Automation. “And the preferred integration with the MicroLogix controller provides our customers with a comprehensive control and visualization solution.”
The line of PanelView Component products is available in four models starting around $200. Specific features and options on each model include:
•    C200:  Operator input through function keys or a combination of function and numeric keys. Two-inch monochrome, graphic-display screen. Serial connection. Integrated mounting clamps.
•    C300:  Operator input through a touch screen or a combination of function and numeric keys. Three-inch monochrome, graphic-display screen. Serial connection. Integrated mounting clamps.
•    C600:  Touch screen. Six-inch monochrome or color STN passive screen. Serial or Ethernet connection. Integrated mounting clamps.
•    C1000:  Touch screen. Ten-inch color TFT active screen. Serial or Ethernet connection.
The integrated mounting clamps make the terminal simple to install. The clamps adjust to fit the panel opening and snap into place, which eliminates the need for additional tools or parts.  
Additional features include an alarming system that supplies operators with the history of equipment events even after the PanelView Component power is cycled. It also comes with language support that displays information in a variety of languages, including Russian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


* A full line of displays, from 2" to 10". * Design software is on the PanelView Component operator interface * Integrated mounting clamps provide a 'snap-in' installation that can be completed in under five seconds. * Preferred integration with Allen-Bradley MicroLogix and SLC 500 families of programmable logic controllers offers you an ideal control and visualization solution for a wide variety of low-level applications. * Communicate via serial networks on all terminals, and Ethernet on the 6" and 10" displays. * All terminals have two USB ports for transferring files or updating firmware. * Display information in several languages including Russian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
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