Alpha de-stratification/re-circulation fan


Air-Row Fan Company, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the most unique fan in the 27 year history of fan manufacturing in Carmel, Indiana --- the Air-Row Alpha  de-stratification/re-circulation fan.  The Air-Row “family” of fans are designed for use in numerous commercial or industrial facilities to truly control the “V” in HVAC while creating comfort and meaningful energy savings.

The Air-Row “Alpha” fan provides a controlled column of re-circulated air that can be targeted within a specific area.  This column of air will hit and mix at the floor, then spread 10’ to 12’ in all directions. A single fan can service as much as 2500 square feet by maintaining a column of air 3’ wide from up to 35’…important for creating additional comfort and addressing those hot or cold spots in your building.  

The Alpha fan de-stratifies trapped (heated) air at ceiling level and creates equalization in temperature between ceiling and floor.  It has been proven in countless applications that for every one degree of temperature that is brought down from ceiling to floor (until equalization) results in a conservative 1 ½ to 2% savings in energy usage. The Alpha fan fits neatly into a 2 x 2 grid ceiling system to utilize the stratified heat you already have at ceiling level.

Ideal for receiving areas, loading docks, isolated work stations, vestibules and entry areas (helps keep floors dry), break rooms, and those troublesome hot/cold spots found in almost every building.


• MODEL: LA-248 • SIZE: 24"x24"x9" • RPM: 1550 • AMPS: 1.0 • VOLTS: 120V/60 CY
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