ALPHATEC Gloves for a Confident Grip in Chemical Environments


Ansell offers new AlphaTEC gloves, the first chemical-resistant gloves to incorporate Ansell Grip Technology. Designed as a liquid-proof product requiring less force to grip oily or wet objects, AlphaTEC gloves have been successfully tested at the production sites of 25 major industrial companies throughout Europe. Trials confirmed outstanding performance and acceptance, with more than 83 percent of workers claiming they could perform tasks better. New AlphaTEC gloves integrate microscopic channels in a patented ultra-thin nitrile layer to direct fluids away from the grip surface, leaving a significant dry contact area that provides almost the same grip that is possible under fluid-free conditions. This improved adherence promotes greater worker comfort, while minimizing stress and fatigue. According to Bill Bennett, Ansell Marketing Manager for Chemical & Disposable Products, AlphaTEC gloves are ideal for working with chemicals because they offer a unique combination of grip, chemical resistance, flexibility and dexterity. The new gloves are recommended for light assembly and handling operations in environments with potential chemical hazards, including the chemical industry, printing, mining, aerospace, agriculture, oilfield exploration and production, and automotive and/or OEM markets. 'AlphaTEC gloves provide a superior level of resistance to many chemicals and especially hydrocarbon-based chemicals, oils and solvents," said Bennett. "The gloves' ergonomic design includes a relaxed thumb and tapered fingers to maximize the intimacy of contact. An improved palm and cuff facilitate donning and doffing while keeping gloves from accidentally sliding off." The AlphaTEC production process ensures an exceptionally safe chemical barrier. The gloves' polymer coating does not penetrate into the liner during the manufacturing process, which results in consistent protection for the skin. AlphaTEC's nitrile coating is also designed for greater flexibility. Ansell Grip Technology was validated by the University of Birmingham's Sensory Motor Neuroscience Laboratory in Birmingham, England. Oil grip tests on comparable gloves showed that gloves incorporating Ansell Grip Technology require from 34 to 69 percent less grip force to lift a 10-pound object. Studies demonstrated that over a range of increasing weights, Ansell Grip Technology provides a better wet/oily grip than similar gloves on the market today. Comparisons were made between the new AlphaTEC gloves, Ansell Sol-Vex 37-675 gloves, and competitors' gloves, using both power and precision grasps on oily surfaces. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, evidence exists linking forceful work with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The reduced need for exertion provided by an improved grip results in greater object control, comfort, safety and productivity, and can contribute to preventing the onset of occupational injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), tendonitis, De Quervain's disease and tenosynovitis. AlphaTEC is the first of a series of Ansell glove styles that incorporate Ansell's new Grip Technology. The new technology is already being tested for other versions of new and existing Ansell products.
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