Aluminum Cased Resistors


Ohmite Manufacturing announces the BA Series of resistors. Featuring a rugged wirewound design, these high power resistors are ideal for dynamic braking, motor starting, and power control applications. Other uses for the BA Series include inverter and power conversion applications. The resistors’ aluminum housing maintains high stability during operation and permits secure mounting to chassis surfaces. Furthermore, the BA Series features insulated wire terminals, which eliminates the potential for arcing that can occur with conventional approaches.   

Available in three extrusion forms, the heatsinkable BA Series resistors feature power ratings of 500-1000 watts. Form 1 has a power rating of 500 watts and is a 160mm long, by 84mm wide, by 30mm tall extrusion with fins. Form 2 has a power rating of 700 watts and is a 320mm x 100mm x 30mm extrusion without fins. Form 3 has a power rating of 1000 watts and is a 266mm x 127mm x 54.1mm extrusion without fins. Resistance values range from 0.5 ohms to 18K ohms. Multiple opportunities for customization are available. Options include scalable lengths, custom leads, and thermal cut-off, where an internal thermal switch will shut the resistor off in the event of an overload.


  • rugged wire wound design
  • three extrusion forms
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