Heatbath Corp., a manufacturer of cleaning and pre-treatment products for every phase of aluminum finishing, has introduced Diverclean AC, a fast-acting, dual-purpose acid etch cleaner. Diverclean AC cleans and deoxidizes aluminum and wrought and cast aluminum alloys, removing light soils, extruding oils, and machining oils. It simultaneously dissolves scale and oxides resulting from heat treating or welding processes while protecting the underlying substrate. Diverclean AC produces a chemically clean surface. Most low alloy aluminum (1000 to 5000 series) will not require a separate deoxidizing and desmutting treatment prior to conversion coating. High alloy aluminum, and aluminum that will be anodized, may require a desmutter to insure a completely active surface. Diverclean AC is a concentrated, water-based liquid that has low drag-out. It has the operational advantages of being easy to make-up, economical, low foaming, and free rinsing. It is usable at low temperatures – typically 100 to 150oF. Immersion time is 30 seconds to five minutes. Diverclean AC is an excellent alternative to alkaline cleaners.
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