Aluminum MIG Welder


Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the new Millermatic® 350P Aluminum MIG welder, the first dedicated aluminum welding power source with a new true torque push-pull design, electronic wire spool brake, Trigger Schedule Select and synergic capabilities in both MIG and Pulsed MIG weld settings. This makes it one of the most versatile products for welding aluminum by giving the operator the ability to tailor the arc to the weld by adjusting machine performance at the point-of-use — eliminating trips back and forth to the machine and concerns over wire feed consistency. 

Consistent aluminum wire delivery is the core feature of the Millermatic 350P Aluminum thanks to the enhanced wire delivery design. The Torque motor and the electronic brake work together to provide hours of continuous and productive wire delivery. The new true torque push-pull feed motor provides positive and accurate wire saves time and improves quality because the welder can react in real time to changing joint profiles and positions without having to stop welding and go back to the machine.The Millermatic 350P Aluminum synergic welding system gives the operator the first-of-its-kind flexibility with synergic “one knob” control in both Pulsed MIG and MIG operation. The synergic connection means the Millermatic 350P Aluminum automatically adjusts voltage and amperage when the operator adjusts wire speed on the gun. Thisfeeding between the torque motor and gun, and the electronic brake allows the wire spool to “free spool” to provide drag-free wire delivery. 

The all-in-one Millermatic 350P Aluminum’s programs, speed, wire feed consistency and flexibility are perfect for builders of aluminum watercraft, trucks, trailers, aluminum signs and others products.“We recognized that people making a living welding aluminum wanted more consistent wire feeding and more productivity,” said Chris Roehl, product manager, Miller Electric. Mfg. Co. “The true torque drive motor delivers a continuous push while the gun controls the speed, providing accurate and trouble-free feeding. Welding aluminum requires the ability to have exacting control over your arc to adjust to changing joint profiles and positions, and this system provides that.” The machine is equipped with easy-to-use operator controls, including the new “Trigger Schedule Select,” which permits the user to pre-program two weld settings that they can quickly toggle between. This allows for quick changes between weld settings or from Pulsed MIG to MIG welding. This also prevents costly stop-and-go welding — just select the preset setting and keep welding.   


  • true torque push-pull design
  • electronic wire spool brake
  • Trigger Schedule Select

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