Amplifiers Include Background-Lit Display


A new line of amplifiers from Mahr Federal includes background-lit displays for improved visibility. The Millimar C1208 and 1216 Amplifiers are more compact than previous Mahr Federal models and are also more economically priced. The Millimar C1208 and 1216 Amplifiers incorporate a background-lit LCD display with an analog and two-line digital readout. Five three-color status lamps indicate warning and tolerance limits, and two features can be displayed simultaneously. In addition, the Millimar C1216 Amplifier includes an analog output with programmable output voltage (max ±5V) and additional resolution from 0.01 µm (1µ in) with a measuring range of ±200 µm (±0.008 in). Other features of the new Millimar Amplifiers include a Select button to directly access most frequently required settings; static measurements ±A, ±B and all combinations; and dynamic measurement of Max, Min, Max-Min, Max+Min, and Mean. An Auto-Detect-Mode allows connection of two measuring instruments, and operation can be programmed with the integrated key pad or via an RS232-connected computer running MS-Windows Configuration Software. Millimar Amplifier connections include an RS232 interface; two inputs for inductive probes; three digital inputs for measuring start, master measurement, and send measured values; and three digital outputs for Go, No Go, rework and measuring time, etc.
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