Analytical Gear Inspection System - Gleason Corp.


The 300GMS Analytical Gear Inspection System enables faster complete inspection of automotive, aerospace and other smaller gears, as well as gear cutting tools and non-gear parts including a new surface finish inspection solution. Fully integrated wiring of the surface finish hardware reduces the challenges of external cabling associated with similar products.  Probe integration of the surface finish function eliminates the variation seen on manual units performing a similar task. The 300GMS is equipped with an ergonomic operator workstation and an optional Advanced Operator Interface for remote diagnostics and control - both making a significant contribution to increasing operator efficiency at every stage of the inspection process. 

The Advanced Operator Interface provides the operator with a number of powerful tools, including environmental monitoring to record temperature and humidity as well as video telephony, note pad and voice mail messaging capability, Gleason Connect® for enhanced remote diagnostic support, creation of standard work instructions, online training tools, multi-lingual communication and more.  

Further highlights of the 300GMS are:·        

  • Gear inspection for module 0.2 and higher
  • 3D-graphical tooth contact analysis
  • Probe changer with up to 9 change positions
  • Easy programming by means of QR code scanning
  • Intuitive operator interface
  • Ergonomic operating panel adjusts to allow machine operation in standing or seated position
  • Integrated drawers for probes, extensions, calibration ball and artifacts
  • Small footprint – only 1.73 m²


  • 3D-graphical tooth contact analysis
  • Easy programming
  • Ergonomic operating panel
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