Angle Grinders - Chicago Pneumatic


Chicago Pneumatic has redesigned six angle grinders, each featuring reliable, time-tested technology, with updated features including ergonomic handles, adjustable protective guards and additional spindle thread versions for durability, performance and user comfort.

“We’ve completely updated the look of the CP912x line of angle grinders,” said Brian Dove, product marketing manager – North America, Chicago Pneumatic. “The grinders feature the same performance specifications as previous versions; however, we’ve added increased ergonomics and safety in to the tools.”

All of the grinders in the CP912x line feature powerful .8 hp (600 watt) motors, with an adjustable protective guard, aluminum alloy housing, spiral bevel gears and an ergonomic side handle. The lightweight, rugged housing is built for durability and performance across a variety of applications, including weld preparation and smoothing, rust removal, deburring and blending of steel, cast iron and aluminum.

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