The Anglemaster-HD utilizes NEW Smart Cylinder technology which optimizes hydraulic fluid levels for accelerated production. Equipped with two 3-speed 169 ton (153 metric ton) punch cylinders with triple tool punches and one 515 ton (467 metric ton) 3-speed shear cylinder with single cut tooling, the Anglemaster-HD can process angles up to 8 x 8 x 1” (200 x 200 x 25mm) and flat bar up to 12 x 1” (300 x 25mm). 

Equipped with Peddinghaus’ Roller Measurement technology, the Anglemaster-HD allows material to be stored outside until production takes place. This proven method of measurement provides benefits such as streamlined handling, and reduced overhead costs. The Anglemaster-HD also comes standard with an automated material dimensioning system. This allows the Anglemaster-HD to identify the size of a profile and determine the length of punch or shear stroke required for maximum productivity. Utilizing this system, the Anglemaster-HD is also capable of verifying section sizes before initializing a program, resulting in a reduction in operator error. With the development of the Anglemaster-HD, fabricators possess the ability to process detail components 50% faster than previous models, saving fabrication time and increasing throughput. Optionally equipped with part stamping or carbide scribing units, the Anglemaster-HD redefines the industry standard for angle and flat bar production. 


  • can process angles up to 8 x 8 x 1”
  • flat bar up to 12 x 1”

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