Announce a New Product Line Called X-IT™ Cable


Radix Wire Company is pleased to announce a new product line called X-IT™ cable. This product line is a 2-hour fire rated, Circuit Integrity in Conduit (CIC), cable that will withstand over 2 hours of direct flame, according to Underwriter’s Laboratory 2196 for Fire Resistive Cable. The construction is ceramifiable silicone rubber insulation with a low smoke/zero halogen jacket. It can also be supplied with a copper foil shield.

The primary application for X-It™ cable is to meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Code. This code requires that Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication (EVAC) systems are in place where there is danger to life from fire or other emergencies and need for voice instructions or alarm to provide safe egress from the building. The X-IT™ cable provides the critical link between the Fire Command Center and the voice/alarm device.

Radix Wire Company has over 60 years experience in the manufacture of high-temperature wire and cable products. Three time winner of the EDI Innovation Award, Radix Wire provides standard and customized wire and cable products to a wide variety of industries.
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