Announces a new High Resolution Modular Encoder with Commutation Outputs


RENCO ENCODERS INC. introduces state-of-the-art performance for modular encoders. Our new R35i is now being offered with TTL output resolution up to 8192 cycles per revolution, (32768 counts per revolution with quadrature). This resolution combined with extremely high output frequency capability of 500kHz allows this encoder to be used with motors running at over 3500 rpm. The R35i also is able to achieve this high level of performance while maintaining its user friendly mounting tolerances, allowing up to +/- 0.010” of shaft axial motion and operating temperatures from -30°C to 110°C. The R35i can also be ordered with additional commutation signals for 4, 6, 8 and 10 pole brushless motors.

The R35i features RENCO’s patented slide/gap mechanism for ease of installation and maximum performance, with ± 20° rotation of the encoder to align the commutation signals with the motor poles.

RENCO Encoders leads the industry in high-quality modular and bearing encoders. We offer a wide range of standard and custom products and services that meet an array of motion control needs. RENCO Encoders, a California-based company, designs and manufactures all our products on site at our Goleta facility. Our aim is to assist our customers in maintaining a competitive advantage in a global market.


• Operating Temp -30° to 115°C • Excursion Limits: • Storage Temp -40° to 125°C • Shock 100 G’s for 6mS duration • Vibration 25 to 2000 Hz @ 20 G’s • Humidity 85%/85°C non-condensing • IP Rating IP40 with closed cover • Moment of Inertia 2.0g-cm2 • [2.9 x 10-5 • oz in sec2 • ] for 8mm hub with metal disk • 2.625g-cm2 • [3.7 x 10-5 • oz in sec2 • ] for 8mm hub with glass disk • Weight 10 encoders with tray = 10 oz. • Base Material PET 530 • Cover Material PET 530 • Disc Material Metal 0.05mm THK TYP for 100-5000 resolutions • Glass .7mm THK TYP for resolutions of 8000 & above • Hub Material Stainless Steel • Shaft Max End Play ±0.254mm [± 0.010] • Shaft Run Out 0.025mm [.001"] TIR • Mounting Hardware • C or H: 2 x M2.5 (#2-56 UNC screws w/captive washer optiona • Signals Incremental plus optional commutation • Input Voltage 5.0 VDC ± 10% Single or Dual Supply • Current See Pin Functions Table on Page 2 • Output Format A/B in phase quadrature. INDEX width & location gated with respect to data • Output Type LD = AM26C31 20 mA Source or Sink Max. • PP = 4mA Max. Source or Sink • VO = Open Collector 4 mA Sink Max.(Comm only) • VC = Open Collector w/ 2K Ohm pullup (Comm only) • Output Logic Levels Logic 0 = 0.5 V Max, Logic 1 = 2.5 V Min. • Operating Frequency To 500 KHz (*360 and 720 counts to 300 KHz)
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