Announces ArrestAll® AR Series Self-Contained Shaker-Type Dust Collector


LOUISVILLE, KY ---AAF International, manufacturer of American Air FilterÒ and AAFÒ products, and a world-leader in air pollution control products, is proud to announce the ArrestAll AR Series Self-Contained Shaker-Type Dust Collector.

The ArrestAll AR Series dust collector is ideal for light duty industrial facilities where the need for filtration is intermittent. The ArrestAll's design is compact and self-contained, making it easy to install or relocate. The compact blueprint also conserves valuable floor space. The ArrestAll is painted inside and out with a powder-coat finish to minimize corrosion and provide protection in harsh environments. Modular and bolted construction allows for expansion in the field.

Every unit consists of a housing with fan, motor, filter envelope, and automatic shaker. The fan is top-mounted for flexible installation and easy access for servicing. The automatic shaker unit has a new patent-pending comb design that can be installed on the filter outside of the unit. The highly efficient envelope filters remove up to 99% of dust and have a smooth flow design to minimize pressure drops. The ArrestAll filter is available with either standard 16 pocket or extra wide 8 pocket spacing. The unit contains a hinged side-access door located on the front, with a single access and self-aligning locking mechanism for easy and rapid filter change-out. An integral final filter is optional, making the ArrestAll 99.97% efficient with a HEPA final filter.

Every ArrestAll unit includes a silencer designed for low noise requirements, complying with OSHA standards. The shaker control panel is UL-508 and CSA approved. The shaker control allows for shake time adjustments, as well as fan coast adjustments, between 0.6 to 60 seconds. The shaker control is factory mounted and pre-wired with a starter making electrical hookup simple.

AAF International, which is based in Louisville, Kentucky, has more than 2,600 employees and 23 manufacturing facilities worldwide that support sales offices in 69 countries. AAF designs, develops, and manufactures air pollution control solutions for commercial, residential, industrial, clean room, transportation, fossil fuel plants and nuclear power applications. It also provides inlet air cooling and sound attenuation solutions for high-speed rotating machinery.
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