Announces CyberAudit-Web Enterprise


Videx announces CyberAudit®-Web Enterprise, a browser-based software program that offers cellular communication to remotely program user keys in the field, anywhere and anytime. Access authorization is sent to keys via a cellular PDA, providing on-demand access which eliminates security risks from lost keys. Enterprise is ideal for geographically widespread organizations with multiple locations that need to grant access to their mobile employees and service technicians in the field.

CyberAudit-Web Enterprise is used in conjunction with CyberLock® electronic lock cylinders and keys. CyberLock cylinders install inside standard mechanical door hardware and in padlocks. No hardwiring or structural changes are needed for installation. Both the locks and keys store a record of access events, providing a comprehensive audit report for management.

Enterprise is packaged on a Linux-based server complete with all components needed to run the system. Its ability to operate on the internet provides the flexibility to control schedules from multiple sites. For example, administrators of the system can give managers of remote locations the ability to set their own user access schedules and view the audit report for their specific area of responsibility.

Because of their unique design, applications for CyberLock cylinders go far beyond the doorway. CyberLocks can be found in padlocks protecting gated areas, in cabinet locks securing network servers, and in locks securing marine cargo containers, transit fare boxes, and vending machines.
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