Announcing a breakthrough in New Technology for automated Part Loading/Unloading; 180° Part Rotation capability


Toellner Systems has been a leader with applications for Automated Loading/Unloading of CNC Lathes, Machining Centers, Grinders, Shaft cut-off, Multi-Spindle Chuckers, Thread Rolling. The New Technology can now rotate selected parts 180° and reload them for Op. 20 machining. Load rates as low as 5 seconds along with the New Technology of 180° part rotation give companies immediate throughput increases up to 50%.

Materials such as steel, aluminum, cast iron, forgings, titanium, powdered metal, brass, copper, plastics, graphite, composites, ceramic, rubber, wood, and most metals can be easily adapted to these systems.

Capable of handling a variety of shapes and lengths.

The part loading system can easily adapt to production machines.

The small foot print of 15 sq. ft adds to the low cost that quickly pays for itself within 6 to 8 months far better than other Loading Systems available on the market.

Toellner Systems…..Loading Profitability. Unloading Overhead

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