Antero™ v4.10


Data management and reporting software

Work Order Request
Users can submit a request for a specific task or piece of equipment. The request can include the date, time, priority, equipment, description, who requested the work order and other relative information. It will also show any changes to the status, notes that may have been added to the request, and managing users can read, close, or associate a request with an open work order.

Work Order Downtime Tracking
Open Work Orders can now store Equipment Downtime status information, including Shutdown and Startup times for the equipment. Reports have been updated to include Downtime information.

Support Menu Options
Options available in the new Support menu include license, release, file versions, go2tech, web and e-mail support.

Talk live through this online, on-demand remote technical support tool.

Sampling of Other Features

Maintain details about equipment, maintenance schedules, current and completed work orders, and cost of maintenance and repairs.

Parts & Materials
Track consumables, current inventory levels, reorder levels, unit cost and maintain complete purchase and parts usage history.

Maintenance Tasks
To save time, repetitive tasks can be set up and associated with equipment to create and forecast related work.

Work Orders
Create scheduled, unscheduled, corrective and emergency work orders based on calendar days, run-time, meter/gauges, etc.

Sort and filter to create reports that meet all reporting needs, including equipment, inventory, work orders, graphs and costs.

User defined to allow work orders to be generated based on odometer, hour meters, pressure readings and more.

Limit access to program features and functions. Backup features and other utilities keep the program running smooth and secure.

Inventory Control
Automatically generate parts and material reorder reports, purchase orders or requisitions.

Vendor List
Maintains a list of parts, materials, equipment and service providers.

Subcontractor Services
Record detailed invoice information about maintenance and repairs on equipment performed by outside vendors.

User Defined Fields
Customize equipment and parts lists, and link external files to specific items, such as images, charts and blueprints.

DDE Interface
Link to any SCADA or other supported applications.

A hand-held data entry unit with a built-in bar code scanner, designed to extend the features of AllMax software into the field.
Additional services include program setups, installation, training, workshops, world-class customer service and technical support.

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