Anti-Splatter Solution Cuts Slag


A true innovation in plasma and laser cutting, E-Weld Plasma ceramic, water-based, anti-spatter solution reduces slag build-up on laser and plasma cutting tables.


Solution offers a simple, yet efficient means of providing long-lasting protection—even under extreme heat—by inhibiting the adherence of slag.


E-Weld Plasma is applied to plasma and laser cutting tables with an ergonomic arm-mounted applicator. Users can quickly and easily coat areas as large as 500 square feet. A first-to-market product, E-Weld Plasma is applied by painting or spraying.


E-Weld Plasma provides a significant productivity boost to metal fabricators that today, have to contend with extended downtimes to maintain their work tables. E-Weld Plasma is a label-free product that is applied in minutes and dries quickly. It reduces cleaning time from days to a few hours – depending on size of the work tables.


As an added benefit, the product can also be applied to surrounding equipment that is exposed to weld spatter or slag. 


  • Ceramic formula provides long lasting protection, even in the presence of extreme heat.
  • Arm-mounted spray gun applicator allows you to quickly and easily dispense the product across large surface areas
  • Each 10 kg container provides enough anti-spatter to cover 50-100 square meters
  • E-Weld Plasma can be painted on manually or sprayed on with the applicator; just stir the solution prior to use
  • Use a degreaser like Surfox Pre-Weld to clean slats prior to use to ensure a strong, adhesive coating

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