Aqua-Cleer® Bottle-less Coolers


Culligan just introduced its new line of Aqua-Cleer® Point of Use (POU) bottle-less coolers.  These coolers are perfect for small and large manufacturing facilities which tend to have particulates floating in the air that can get inside bottled water coolers.  Dirt from the plant floor often can become trapped inside because the gap between the bottle and water reservoir is not airtight.  This leads to a build-up of particulates and bacteria in the water basin. In addition, manufacturing facilities typically have large workforces that drink a lot of water after doing vigorous, manual labor in hot environments.  With the bottle-less cooler, the water comes directly from the building’s existing water source and is automatically filtered for drinking – saving costs on delivery charges and storage.  Plus, there is no need for heavy lifting of five gallon bottles.  And because bottle-less coolers don’t use water bottles, they offer manufacturers an unlimited supply of high quality drinking water on demand.

“Manufacturers are always looking to incorporate greener business practices and to save money, especially in today’s current economy.  Culligan’s bottle-less coolers help address both issues.  Some of our customers claim they’ve not only reduced plastic waste, but have saved between 20 to 50 percent on drinking water expenses monthly by switching to a point-of-use system,” says Sean Kajcienski, Vice President of POU at Culligan International.

Bottle-Less But Feature-Rich

Culligan bottle-less coolers use the company’s newest and most advanced Aqua-Cleer filtration system.  This next-generation filtration technology features 13 filter options which can be custom-tailored to local water conditions and individual needs.  Customers can choose from a simple sediment or carbon filter up to a multi-stage reverse osmosis system.  The Aqua-Cleer family also includes specialty cartridges for such contaminants as arsenic, perchlorate and volatile organics. ulligan’s Aqua-Cleer bottle-less coolers are available in four models suited to different business sizes and drinking water needs.  These include:

CC Ultra: available as a free-standing tower or mini countertop system, this cooler provides state of the art features. With its lighted push buttons, electronic controls, biological growth resistant “bio-cote” exterior,
UV light and energy-saving hot tank sleep mode, it’s the ideal choice for any business setting.

CC Custom: the large internal storage reservoir makes this free-standing cooler a great option for applications requiring reverse osmosis or nanofiltration. Designed to work with five stages of treatment, this system includes built-in automatic leak detection and shut-off.

CC Plus/Plus UV: this popular, mid-range cooler offers a sleek style for basic water dispensing needs. With hot and cold dispensing ability, a hot water safety lock and a large four liter cold water tank, this workhorse dispenses drinking water with ease.

CC Basic: an economical bottle-less cooler option, this sturdy tower provides hot/cold water, a single Aqua Cleer head for remote mounting and a dual float device shut-off for enhanced safety – making this ideal for smaller areas such as employee lunch or break rooms.

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