Arc Flash Protective Products


The latest edition of the Davis Instruments V75 Sourcebook contains a wide range of products to help customers comply with OSHA standards and NFPA 70E requirements, and protect their workers. These arc flash and electrical safety products complement the electrical test equipment already offered by Davis Instruments. Many items in the new selection are manufactured by industry leader Salisbury by Honeywell.
An arc flash event creates extremely high temperatures that can ignite non-fire-resistant clothing. Similarly, non-insulated tools offer no barrier to electric shock. The comprehensive product category includes arc flash apparel (hooded jackets, overpants, coverall kits, flash suits kits, and face shields), gloves (rubber insulating gloves, leather protector gloves, and glove kits), protection signs and labels, and insulated tools (switch sticks, clampsticks, static discharge sticks, rescue hooks, roll blankets, and insulated hand tool kits). Additionally, lockout/tagout products are available to help prevent injuries from the unexpected energizing or release of stored energy. Switchboard matting, another product in the collection, is designed to insulate workers from electric shocks generated by high-voltage equipment.

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