Aremcoloxtm 502-1550-LD, a new low expansion, zirconia phosphate machinable ceramic
manufactured by Aremco Products Inc., is now used to produce high temperature fixtures and
insulators used in brazing, heat treating, optical and semiconductor applications to 1550 oC.
Aremcoloxtm 502-1550-LD is a zirconia phosphate based machinable ceramic used for producing
specialized brazing fixtures, induction liners, wafer chucks, optical stands, and combustion
nozzles for applications to 1550 oC.
Aremcoloxtm 502-1550-LD is a highly unusual composition due to its low coefficient of thermal
expansion (CTE) of 0.5 ppm/oF. This feature sets it apart from conventional ceramics such as
alumina and zirconia that demonstrate a CTE as high as 4.0 ppm/oF. A low CTE ensures that as
a part experiences thermal shock, the mechanical stress caused by its expansion and contraction
does not cause the part to crack.
Aremcoloxtm 502-1550-LD is a 60-70% dense composition that exhibits good mechanical
strength and electrical and thermal insulation, and a compressive strength of 25 Kpsi, dielectric
strength of 80 volts/mil, and thermal conductivity of 5.3 Btu-in/hr-ft2-oF. 502-1550-LD is
completely inert, will not outgas in ultra high vacuum, and does not react with most molten
metals, salts and acids.
Aremcoloxtm 502-1550-LD is typically machined using carbide or diamond tooling and no post
firing is required. Aremcoloxtm 502-1550-LD is available in rods from 1/2" to 2" diameter and
plates from 1/4" to 1" thick. Custom sizes and parts are also produced to print.
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